Didn’t Their Lack of Muscle Tone Give a Clue?

Here is an article about parents overestimating the time their children spend on vigorous exercise: UK Children’s Physical Activity Levels Hugely Overestimated. We learn:

Parents said their children were moderately to vigorously physically active for an average of 146 minutes a day.

But the accelerometer readings showed that this figure was actually 24 minutes a day, with boys managing 26 minutes and girls 22.

According to the survey data, 83% of boys and 56% of girls complied with the recommended daily amounts of moderate to vigorous physical activity.

But the accelerometer showed that only 3% of boys and 2% of girls actually did so.

I’m bothered by the parents’ lack of awareness of their children’s physical activity but I’m not really advocating a crusade for parents to be leading exercise sessions for five year-olds nor am I advocating still more T-ball for pre-schoolers or little league for pre-teens. I think most children are naturally active and that leads to the fear that we’ve deformed our human societies so that they somehow lure children away from their inborn inclinations to run around and climb everything accessible, to organize themselves into groups playing games and get themselves into healthy sorts of trouble. We’ve turned too many children into sluggish creatures who only move in herds, generally under the direction of an adult coach or at the beckoning of some corporate marketing scheme.

We’re producing children who will be good citizens for a military socialism. It’s probably not just coincidence that we’re busy deforming the United States into such a horrible sort of country.

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