Writings Available for Downloading

This is a duplicate of a posting I’ve made at Acts of Being.

Some of my writings are available for free download from Acts of Being: 2 articles, samples of 3 novels, and one complete book on human knowledge.

Contact me at loydf at loydfueston.com if you’d like to read the entirety of one of those novels.

Short articles

I have two articles available for downloading. One discusses the need to render justice to our Creator even when we feel little or no love towards Him or no particular desire to worship Him: Justice: The First Step Towards God.

The second article discusses, very briefly, a common misperception of the nature of “human rights” and the dangers which arise from that misperception: Natural and Inalienable Rights, discusses the nature of “human rights.”


I have five novels completed. Sample chapters for three of them are available:

  1. A Man for Every Purpose is written from the viewpoint of a man who has made a fortune in offering immortality of a sort: very safe and secure storage of the hard and enduring parts of a human being along with the fragile DNA. He wonders why he’s one of the world’s richest men but living in a simple room attached to his lab. Someone’s enjoying the fruits of his cash-flow, but who? And why does he have an occasional desire to indulge in pond-scum? Is it those genes he shares with sea-worms? And what about those genes he shares with those children who are said to be his? The mothers of those children despised him or didn’t know him. Someone’s enjoying his rights as a rich man to conquer women, but who?

  2. Corporate Sex is a tale of liasons between men and women, cash-rich corporations and asset-rich corporations, and other entities subject to great and burning passions.

  3. The Hermit of Turkey Hill is a story based upon a strange man my grandfather befriended. For nearly 40 years, the man lived in the town where I was raised, a town where my grandfather had been police chief. He spoke so few words that, when he died, no one could even guess where he came from. And when he died, my grandfather searched the man’s shack for a clue to the identity of the hermit but found only another mystery.

Nonfiction book

I have one complete nonfiction book available for download. This book, Four Kinds of Human Knowledge, presents my claim that ultimately there are only two types of knowledge: knowledge of God in His transcendence and necessary being and knowledge of God in His contingent role as Creator. Yet, because of our limitations in perception and intellect, I advocate looking at human knowledge as if it were four types: revealed knowledge, speculative knowledge, scientific empirical knowledge, and practical empirical knowledge.

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