Destroying Minds One Show at a Time

There is still another research effort that points to the dangers that television presents to developing minds, even when it’s only on in the background. In Parents should limit young children’s exposure to background TV, we read:

Despite the fact that pediatricians recommend no screen media exposure for children under age 2, three-quarters of very young children in America live in homes where the television is on most of the time, according to research. A new study has found that leaving your TV set on disrupts young children while they are playing, even if the channel is tuned to adult shows. This means that simply having the TV on, even in the background, may be detrimental to children’s development.

What is it about television that’s so attractive that parents will watch it despite dangers to the minds of their children? It’s bad enough that those parents are willing to destroy their own minds, but their children’s minds?

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