Do You Believe in St. John the Baptist?

Under the modern circumstances, it’s not so hard to believe in Christ. And many who don’t practice Christianity probably do. After all, He took all our sins upon His shoulders and opened the gates of Heaven to all. Well, maybe you can’t go in if you’re a serial rapist or Hitler, but He’s a generous Savior indeed opening those pearly gates to nearly all.

John the Baptist is a bit rougher character. He was so impolite as to denounce some of his fellow human beings as “vipers.” He seems to have often spoken harsh words even when preaching salvation from a loving God. He was not a respectable sort for a society of genial and gentled men. A more honest reading of the Bible might give us hints that Jesus wasn’t so gentle as we imagine, but certainly the Lord wasn’t so brutal in His behavior as was John the Baptist.

We haven’t learned how to view John the Baptist through rose-colored glasses as readily as we view our tender, modernized Christ and thus I ask:

Do you believe in St. John the Baptist? Do you believe that God can fire up a man and call him to a life of hardship and prophecy for which he’ll be despised? Do you believe that God has a right to do something like that to a human being, even to you?

Do you believe that the Almighty has a right to demand that you accept a terrible death in the jaws of lions or in the flames of bonfires rather than renounce your belief in God? If you don’t, it would be very hard to believe in John the Baptist, that is, to believe he was truly called by God.

If you truly believed in John the Baptist, you would be forced to suspect that maybe the gentle Christ and His kindly Father might really be willing to demand much of us and to damn us if we didn’t deliver.

If John the Baptist were to return, would you listen to him or would you start looking for Herod to return so he could behead this annoying S.O.B. once again?

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