April 1, 2007: Palm Sunday


We’ve come in from the desert of Lent but few of us went deeply into that desert. We made short trips, looking for oases as soon as our feet hit the sand. We didn’t go far from the more comfortable regions. We haven’t the strength, but we must ask ourselves if we have the concentration or the persistence to acquire a little more strength for the next Lent. Will we face the Lord one day in the position of the servant who buried the talent left in his care? For now, we can relax, hoping we’ll learn something from later contemplations upon our failures.

Now, our appointed task is to observe the journey of the Son of God as He moves towards Jerusalem, towards His final torments and His death. He Who didn’t ever have to know death, will be dying for us.

But this is a day of joy as Jesus Christ enters the City of David in temporal glory, acclaimed by those who will desert Him and those who will be too confused or too weak to make much effort to support Him in His trials. Let us at least acclaim Him on this day of joy and pray for the strength to stay with Him in the Garden, to accompany Him as He carries His cross, to stand below the Lord nailed to that cross and wait with Him as He dies, and to wait openly and with faith as He lies in the tomb.

In all of this, we must remember this is not a joke, not just a game, not mere rote. By living our lives in a proper liturgical rhythm, by living out the history of Israel as the messianic hope grows, by living alongside Jesus during His birth and early life, His mission and His crucifixion, we prepare ourselves to also join Him in the resurrection. It won’t be the case that we earn a share in that resurrection but only the case that we’ll be letting Him unite us to Him. We just have to open ourselves to friendship with God, to put Him first in our lives. He’ll do the rest.

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One Comment on “April 1, 2007: Palm Sunday”

  1. CHARLENE Says:

    this is a beautiful view of living,to know that this walk is not a game or pretense but that every step with OUR LORD is a step towards the FATHER .Even though it feels like we walk in darkness,alone,in a desert…it is not the case,JESUS IS THERE WALKING BESIDE US JUST LIKE HE DID ON THE ROAD TO EMMAUS.

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