March 29, 2007: Thursday of the Fifth Week of Lent


In the Gospel reading for daily Mass [John 8:51-59], we hear Jesus say:

Truly, truly, I say to you, if any one keeps my word, he will never see death.

We exist as objects of God’s Love. Out of all the worlds and all the creatures He could have created, He chose to love this world and its creatures in a special way. God freely chose to love us and we came into existence.

Out of all the known creatures of this world, only man is capable of knowing of God. Only man is capable of returning God’s love in some tiny measure. Perhaps the greatest freedom man has is simply that of saying, “Yes,” and returning God’s love or turning away from God or even rebelling against the Almighty.

The first step in our efforts re-turn towards God and re-turn His love is very simple. We must obey His commandments. The two most important commandments are to love God and to love our neighbors as ourselves, but we often can’t jump to a true love of either God or neighbor. There is hope:

We can obey all the Lord’s commandments and pretend to love even when we don’t really feel it.

We can say it many ways. To know Jesus Christ and the One who sent Him is to have eternal life. To be in a state of reciprocal love with God is to be saved. To become a man who can do as he wills, because he wills only what God wills and has commanded, is to belong to God as an adopted son, to be a brother to the Son. All of it comes down to commitment on our part.

We can feel dry, feel that we don’t truly love God and He doesn’t truly love us. We can struggle against sinful habits, falling back into those habits with frightening regularity. We can fall into impulsive sins or get sloppy in our prayer and worship practices. So long as we honestly do what we can to make good intentions and to head in their direction, God will make up the difference. After all, no matter how pure and loving we become, it’s still God that will have to bring us from our death in this world to eternal life in the world of the resurrected.

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